Friday, 17 August 2012

Day 191: Par 3

Starting Again / Remembering

It's been a few weeks now without carrying on this project. There has been a lot of sadness lately and it has kept me away from this.

My dad, Bruce Lauzon, passed away early in the morning Saturday, August 4th after having been very ill for the last few months. He was loving, caring, funny and always there to play with us or listen. Everyone knew him as an avid gardener and sports fan. He was also lover of photography, and why I don't want to let this project fall away. He was always passionate and encouraging of everything I did, but especially when it came to art and photography. Looking through boxes of his old photos, I see more than ever that I saw the world with the same eyes that he did. He has tons upon tons of pictures of birds, pets, trees, rocks, and a few beautiful candid shots of Mom.

A few weeks before, my co-worker and friend Rachel lost her fiance, Craig Clarke, to cancer. After a hard battle since last summer, Craig passed away on July 23rd with Rachel by his side. Rachel started a blog of their heart breaking journey. Please read and share their amazing story and the love that these two people shared: